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Can you drink your way to good health? - supplements


Many years ago I became certain of the need to take vitamin and granite supplements. Though I tried to eat beneficial meals, combination salads, fruits and vegetables, proteins and grains as cleverly as I could, abundant studies barbed out the need to add dietary supplements to my diet.

Major Study

The major study that jammed my awareness most ardently was the 1977-1978 USDA Inhabitant Food Drinking Analyze (Crocetti and Guthrie, 1982). This study surveyed the 3-day dietetic account of over 21,500 individuals. Among other findings the study showed that not one character consumed 100% of the Optional Daily Allowance for the top ten nutrients.

That was a moderately shocking finding. Not one definite person! I prided in my opinion in intake well, but I certain that it would be a good idea to supplement my meals with bonus vitamins and minerals.

Taking Tablets

I happening out by charming a distinct multivitamin daily. Then, over the years I added extra drug of antioxidants, that is vitamin C and vitamin E. In more current years I added calcium drug and B vitamin drug to my routine. As you can guess, the consequence was that I was charming 5 medication of supplements twice a day.

Does that sound comfortable to you? That's a lot of pills to swallow. Attractive that many pills each day was never agreeable for me. Many times I wished that there was an easier way to take the supplements that I felt I needed.

Liquid Supplements

Then a alone introduced me to a dietary supplement that I could drink. Now that made sense. A good, effective liquid food was definitely much easier and much tastier than a handful of tablets.

The convenience and good taste of the liquid was adequate to encourage me to abandon the dosage administration system. But I educated advance that the liquid form of the vitamins and mineral deposits was more apt to be by a long shot absorbed by my body than were the old tablets.


Unfortunately drug do not continually digest fully in the stomach. At times they only digest incompletely as they pass by means of the digestive classification which allows only part of their energy to be absorbed by the cells. In fact, the Physician's Desk Reference, a decidedly respected citation book, once reported that the absorbency of vitamin pills can be as low as 10%. What that means is that very diminutive of the accessible nutrients are in reality utilized by the body and its cells.

By contrast, vitamins and reserves in a liquid form can be absorbed by the body's cells at a much advanced rate. As high as 95%. The liquid is more by a long way digested and absorbed by the digestive approach than drug are. Further, the absorbency of the liquid vitamins starts at the tongue and beneath the tongue. This sublingual carriage helps to get the relating to diet advantage to the cells much faster.

How does this work? Take nitroglycerin for example. Nitroglycerin is helpful for hostility anginal chest pains allied with heart disease. An actual way to consign the nitroglycerin is to place it beneath the tongue at the first sign of chest pain. This sublingual carriage gets the nitroglycerin into the bloodstream and to the chest pain much nearer than it would if it had to be swallowed, digested, and absorbed into the bloodstream all through the digestive system.

Similarly, vitamins and reserves will absorb into the bloodstream and to the cells much nearer in liquid or spray form. For example, vitamin B-12 is an crucial vitamin, but as we get older we lose the stomach secretions basic to digest and absorb the vitamin because of the common digestive process. The answer to the catch is to cede vitamin B-12 in both a spray or a sublingual form. That way the force of the vitamin is delivered abruptly to the cells and the digestive approach is bypassed.

How To Choose

Taste exceedingly counts. If it doesn't taste good, you won't be expected to take the supplement on a accepted basis. If it tastes good, you will. So will your children.

There are abundant liquid dietetic supplements obtainable on the market. Classic flavors comprise orange-mango, cherry, and claret among others. My own darling is a rich claret concentrate. Not only does the taste make my mouth water, but it is good to know that cranberries have properties that help to purify and to amputate toxins from the urinary tract.

A good liquid food supplement be supposed to use aloe vera as its base moderately than water. Liquid aloe vera contains more than 39 chief vitamins and reserves and all 23 amino acids. Further, liquid aloe vera is a authoritative healer. It is one of the best stomach and intestine cleansers known. And it is a amazing oxygenator, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory.

Most good liquid dietary supplements will employ sea flora as its cause of vitamins and minerals. A good mix of sea plant life will control an crucial actual assess of all of the basic vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, and enzymes. The belief of calculate is very crucial here, since the body's cells will develop the nutrients much more efficiently if they are abounding in a consider as normal found in nature. Further, sea plant life can be harvested from cold, pure seawater that is free of contaminants. The body's cells will be aware that.

Personal Recommendation

I have sampled many liquid supplements and I am contented to bang that liquid supplements have grown in popularity and better in taste and effectiveness at some point in the past few years.

Seasilver is my delicate beloved liquid relating to diet and I counsel it amply to everyone. Seasilver has adopted the maximum manufacturing principles and has found a blend of sea vegetation, aloe vera, and more than a few other impressive and actual ingredients that form an outstanding foundational healthiness supplement. And it has the great cranberry/cherry taste that I prefer. The conclusion is that Seasilver is a able dietary supplement that provides the body with diet at the cellular level.

Answer To The Question

So, the fulfil to the ask formerly asked is that yes you can drink your way to good health. If you have ever tired of consuming vitamin medicine or if you've ever wondered about the effectiveness of artificially formulated tablets, you owe it to physically to try a good liquid dietary supplement. Try a jug or two. Here's to your good health.


Garry Gamber is a broadcast discipline educationalist and entrepreneur. He writes articles about real estate, physical condition and nutrition, and internet dating services. He is the owner of http://www. Anchorage-Homes. com and http://www. TheDatingAdvisor. com.


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