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Lysine is an basic amino acid as a result it must be obtained from the diet as the body cannot bring into being its own. It is an chief construction block for all protein in the body and can be found in beast meats, fish, dairy products, legumes and brewer's yeast. It performs many convenient functions in the body and has proved to be above all convenient in treating herpes and cold sores. Lysine also increases the combination of calcium so it may help to check and treat osteoporosis.

To the bodybuilder, lysine offers many benefits:

1. It helps build muscle protein.

2. It helps argue nitrogen levels.

3. It wires the assembly of hormones.

4. It speeds up recovery from injury or overtraining.

Although lysine can be at once obtained from many foodstuffs, supplementation can enhance the property noted above. No evils have been reported with conventional usage but high doses exceeding 15 grams can cause stomach harms and cramp.

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